Successful retirement means being prepared

When your employees begin preparing for retirement, the most important transition of their working lives, you get to watch with pride. You also want to thank them for being at your side during your organization’s most pivotal moments by ensuring them a comfortable retirement. The business services departments at Quebec’s Cégeps provide the ideal solution: pre-retirement sessions. Within days, your employees will possess the necessary knowledge to transition smoothly and will thank you for contributing so greatly to your mutual peace of mind.

At the end of a career spent working for the same employer, contemplating retirement can feel like a headache. Nowadays, with different types of work, regulations, contributions and so on, it seems less clear than ever. Retirement preparation sessions are now more important than ever to help calm the anguish that comes from thinking about taking the next step in our lives.

Even when you think you know all there is to know about preparing for retirement, attending these sessions gives you a clear advantage. Just ask Nathalie Harvey, a control officer at the City of Montreal’s retirement services office: “By working in the field, I knew what the City was going to give me from a financial standpoint, but there were other aspects I didn’t consider! Obviously, I was dreaming about all the free time I would have, but I didn’t even think about laws, notaries, disability or even my estate.”

The purpose of these retirement sessions is twofold: they allow us to make it easier for future retirees to transition from work to retirement, and enable participants to remain active, independent, balanced, equally satisfied and social integrated. In that sense, for early retirees, these sessions emphasize creativity, independence, reinvesting one’s skills and using resources.

When Nathalie Harvey completed her three-day sessions at Cégep Marie-Victorin’s Business Services Department, she exclaimed: “I’ve been given a gift! Retirement does scare me a little, but with the right training, we really do have all the tools to understand what retirement is and how to jump into it without making too many mistakes! I kept my notes and read them from time to time. I also lent them to my husband for when he’s ready to retire. It’s a shame these kinds of courses are not offered everywhere. I’m really thankful to my employer for having had the opportunity to partake in these sessions.”

As a leader in retirement preparation training for more than 35 years, the Business Services Centre at Cégep Marie-Victorin offers more than 350 sessions per year geared towards career transitioning and retirement. Sessions range from 7–24 hours and have welcome more than 200,000 people working in various private and public organizations throughout Quebec and other Canadian provinces.

Revised content for the retirement preparation program will be presented to participants starting June 2017.

For more information, visit “Retraite et transition professionnelle” in the Business Services section of Cégep Marie-Victorin’s website.

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By itself, the “Human Capital Development” field, which includes the retirement preparation sessions offers close to 62 training programs throughout Quebec.