News from Cegeps & Cies

For the past five (5) years, Cégeps & Cies, the business services network for CEGEPs, has enriched the training of more than 125,000 employees across all regions of Quebec. We offer nearly 2,000 advanced training courses in 38 fields of expertise. There’s also the added possibility of taking customized training courses that respond to the needs of companies today.

Cégeps & Cies offers training services exclusively for businesses. At the heart of the Fédération des cégeps, the 48 continuing education and business services departments of CEGEPs across Quebec collectively offer nearly 2,000 training courses in over 40 fields of expertise.

Facilitating staff training

One of the barriers that often prevents employees from receiving proper training in the workplace is simply not having enough available time to train. Therefore, Cégeps & Cies makes sure to offer flexible schedules that can meet anyone’s needs (day, evening, night or weekend).

Location can also prove to be an obstacle for people seeking training. Courses, however, are offered all throughout Quebec—at a Cégep near you, directly at a place of business and even online wherever possible.

Tailored to meet the needs of businesses

Training offered by CEGEPs can be customized depending on the needs of each company. Have you come up against a new challenge? Do you feel your staff should expand its ability to work effectively with new programs, new equipment or up-and-coming software? Does traditional, readily available training seem too general? Submit your request online. An adapted response will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Measurable results guaranteed

It’s important that the training you receive adds value to your company and that, for employees, the acquired skills are transferable. Using measurement tools, Cégeps & Cies can track the improvement of your employees’ performances. Business services expertise allows CEGEPs to offer impact evaluation service with clear benchmarks for measuring progress, from analyzing your needs to training and follow-up evaluation.

Financial partnerships

Obviously, training your employees is a very profitable investment, and to help you make it more affordable, the CEGEPs business services can assist you in the search for a financing program.

Recognition of acquired competencies

Recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) is a structured approach to formally recognize skills that people already possess as part of a targeted curriculum. RAC allows individuals to have their life and work experiences formally recognized.

Quebec’s 48 CEGEPs are much more than just institutions offering training to young people. They also provide customized solutions for increasing the qualifications and performance of a company’s staff. For more information, visit the Cégeps & Cies website.