Developmental microprogram: “Social media management and web strategies”

After consulting with stakeholders, the directors of continuing education and business services at Quebec’s Cégeps have concluded that individuals who are responsible for web-related business functions are often self-taught and don’t necessarily have access to specialists who can answer their questions. Out of this insight came the MOB, a developmental microprogram in social media management and web strategies offered remotely.

With the recent explosion of communication tools and social networks, new tasks and job titles are constantly emerging onto the market. The Departments of Continuing Education and Business Services at Cégep de Trois-Rivières and Cégep de Chicoutimi combined their expertise last fall to launch a developmental microprogram, the MOB. The program, offered remotely, will address the new realities surrounding social media management and web strategies.

“Managing social media has become increasingly important over time; it’s about projecting an image to the whole world. Therefore, it becomes more important to do on a professional basis. Since this training doesn’t exist as part of regular university programs, it needs to exist somewhere! That’s why we created it,” explains Kim Burton, Educational Consultant and Director of Continuing Education and Business Services at Cégep de Trois-Rivières and co-leader of the MOB.

“The microprogram includes a common core in asynchronous mode, followed by two synchronous specialized concentrations: social media management or web strategies. In addition, candidates have access to a bank of coaching hours online. The fact that we offer this program remotely is a major selling point for the program. Regardless of the Cégep your company is affiliated with, you’ll have access to training,” explains Mélanie Boulianne, Educational Consultant at Cégep de Chicoutimi and co-leader of the MOB.

“This training came at the right time in my career. I wanted to go further as a social media manager and felt the need to reaffirm my abilities since I’m not part of the generation that was born with the endless possibilities those tools provide,” says Marie-Ève Murray, Communications Consultant at MERINOV and a student enrolled in the microprogram.

“My learnings directly apply to my work. Their impact on my professional reality goes well beyond social media. I certainly learned a lot about Facebook, but many of the concepts or principles that I learned also apply to communication in general. Thanks to MOB, I’m now part of a network of like-minded enthusiasts.”

Registration for general training will remain open at all times for the next cohorts of the social media management and web strategies concentrations starting in the fall of 2017.

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