Better management, better performance with the Académie

The old saying “practice makes perfect” takes on a whole new meaning thanks to the Académie entrepreneuriale Desjardins in the Centre-du-Québec region. This specialized training for job managers combines theory with practice, allowing for better improvement of management skills. Looking to increase your performance and put theory into practice right away? Click here!

The Académie entrepreneuriale Desjardins, a unique concept located in the Centre-du-Québec region, offers complete, concrete training to managers and supervisors, in order to improve their managerial skills. Training is overseen by the business services of Cégep de Victoriaville.

“Most entrepreneurs have already received administrative training. At the same time, in their initial training, the emphasis is placed on theory, which can be difficult to transfer over to the workplace. The Académie encourages work-study learning, which means transferring what has been learned in the classroom to the workplace. In addition, to help entrepreneurs make successful transfers, at the end of each module, an administrative tool is given to each student, which can then refer to it in cases of uncertainty,” says Maria Leal, Business Services Lead at Cégep de Victoriaville.

Cohorts are made up of a maximum of 14 participants at a time. “Classroom exchanges are fluid and thorough,” says Hélène Durocher, Executive Director of the Comité d’accueil international des Bois-Francs and a student of the Académie. “This training was designed for job managers, but is also designed to teach me how to perform better in my practice and that’s exactly what it does. It helps me to refocus my actions and put my knowledge into practice.”

Hélène took several courses in her management program, but none that had a direct link to her her management responsibilities. She found it very interesting that she was able to immediately put concepts into practice that she was confronted with during her training.

The results came almost instantly after the theory was immediately put into practice. The day after completing training, students leave with tools they can apply to their daily management. Fourteen hours of individualized mentoring are also planned during the training.

“I’m more productive, I have good coaching and good tools, and the Académie’s schedule allows me to stay employed during the training. I find this way of learning twice as effective as traditional training,” explains Mrs. Durocher.

Fall 2017 registration has already started. For more, consult the info sheet here.

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