Affordable computer and IT training workshops

One of the unfortunate realities of recruitment is that an ideal candidate sometimes won’t make the cut because he or she is unable to use software essential to maintaining the company’s productivity. Paxyl, a company that specializes in contact centre solutions, has faced this challenge head-on, according to its president, Jean-François Prévost: “We’ve discovered Cégep business services training.” What has Mr. Prévost, who evidently appreciates the help offered by Cégeps, discovered in particular? Click here to find out!

State-of-the-art facilities; high-performance equipment; competent, trainer; a wide variety of training workshops—these are just some of the many benefits available at Collège de Maisonneuve. How does one qualify? You only need to be a resident of the island of Montreal, be an employed worker and have the desire to further your knowledge of information technology!

By focusing on the realities of companies (daily use of information technology, desired social media presence, mastering of software, limited training budgets, etc.), Collège de Maisonneuve has developed training workshops addressing the needs of today’s workforce.

“Our areas of expertise encompass a wide range of technical knowledge,” says Philippe Tremblay, Director of Business Development at Paxyl. “That’s why it’s important for us to receive training that’s customized to our needs and schedules.” His colleague, president Jean-François Prévost, adds: “Their flexible schedules allow us to constantly rely on them. The content of each course is specialized and the teachers know what they’re talking about, so we always have trainers at our fingertips.”

Employers and employees alike have the opportunity to register by paying the preferred rate ($2/hour). For Karine Genest, Executive Director of the Réseau des services spécialisés de main-d’œuvre, this customizable training is “always high-quality and focused on our needs according to our various activities. The trainers really know how to adapt to a diverse array of clients and the competency level of each one.”

To learn more about the necessary requirements or to browse catalogue of available workshops, please visit “Perfectionnement à 2 $ de l’heure” (link in French) at Collège de Maisonneuve’s website.

The “Computers and IT“ section of Cégeps & Cies‘s website alone offers 202 training programs throughout Quebec.